I’M BACK! Oh and hello Autumn.


Happy first of September everyone. Have you all had a relaxing summer? I know I haven’t. I have been working my butt of this summer. Working on a beach is fun, but very stressful.


One of the pro’s of working on the beach is the view. Especially after a long day of work watching the sun set into the ocean.

This summer was filled with working, back pains, more working and making a decision that would change a big part of my future. Let me explain. At the beginning of this year I was highly convinced that I wanted to go back to school. After taking my gap year, and actually being still in my gap year, I knew I wanted to go back to school once the new year rolled around. So, after making that decision I looked into a few studies and found one I really liked. I went to see the study on one of the information days. Applied a few days after and got accepted. Everything was going fine. No doubt at all. I went to a day where I had to take a test and give a presentation. The day went fine. My new classmates where very nice and I had a blast that day. Two weeks later I got an email that I officially got accepted into the study and that they couldn’t wait for the new year. Neither could I.

But over the course of the two months that came after receiving that email something changed. The days leading up to the end of the summer became harder and harder. I dreaded going back to school. I started having panic attacks more frequent. Especially when someone asked if I was going back to school the following year.
One day the dreadful feeling got to me and I withdrawn my application. I told my parents and sister that I wasn’t going back to school the following year and this huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

It is the 31st of August 6:30 p.m. when I write this. And according to my original plan I should have started school today. But I didn’t. I had a relaxing Monday filled with rain and thunder. And I’m about to start making diner for my dad and I.


So to come back to why I haven’t been posting anything since forever. I have been busy. Working, dealing with myself and considering if I should go to school or not. And since I made the decision that I’m not going to school this year I am of course going to work the upcoming year. And that means three blogposts a week. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday there will be a blogpost. This might be a review, personal update or a random blogpost. And maybe I will throw in a video every now and again. I’ve been filming some sneaky video’s the past month. So watch out for those.

I hope to talk to you guys on Thursday.

Love, Yara