Hee guys. How are you all? It’s been about a month since I last posted something and I owe you all an explanation. The last month or so I have been struggling with myself to say the least. There were some very personal issues that I had to deal with and because of that I just wasn’t in the mood to write articles or just produce anything that was worth of sharing.

But I’m getting help and I want to start blogging again and maybe record my progress about my mental health because I find that a very important subject to educate people about. So maybe I’ll film my progress. And discuss what I have or something. I don’t know.

Just know that I’m not dead and that I’m back.

Love you all.

Love, Yara.



Hello guys, blogpost of today is coming tomorrow because today I spent all day checking out a possible new school. And sat in a bus for six hours. So bare with me. It’s coming tomorrow. It’s a review of a very loved product.

Love, Yara

Spring is upon us.


Hello guys. Long time no see. I’ve been away for a few months to gather my thoughts. To see if I really want to do this. And I think I made my decision when the sun peaked through the clouds and the temperatures were rising a bit.

I’ve decided to follow through with this. I want to see what happens and I want to have a place where I can put my thoughts. So from now on there are going to be two blog post every week. Those are coming on Tuesday and Thursday. I want to do reviews of products I really like, I want to have personal updates of how I am doing and I maybe want to start making video’s. I’ve already shot some clips of my day but those came out horrendous so I may try again soon.

For now I want to thank you for reading this. And for waiting so long till you heard from me again.
I love you all. And I speak to you on Thursday.

Love, Yara.

Happy 1st of December!

Hello guys, happy 1st of December! The Christmas jumpers, big mugs of hot chocolate and delicious food are finally here. We waited a whole year but the Holidays are finally there.

You guys have any plans for Christmas? I’m probably spending it with the family. A few presents under the tree and a lot of hot chocolates with tiny marshmallow’s in it.

I hope you have a gorgeous first day of December. It’s very cold in Holland right now. So put on a warm scarf, some gloves and conquer the cold!

Love, Yara