Happy 1st of December!

Hello guys, happy 1st of December! The Christmas jumpers, big mugs of hot chocolate and delicious food are finally here. We waited a whole year but the Holidays are finally there.

You guys have any plans for Christmas? I’m probably spending it with the family. A few presents under the tree and a lot of hot chocolates with tiny marshmallow’s in it.

I hope you have a gorgeous first day of December. It’s very cold in Holland right now. So put on a warm scarf, some gloves and conquer the cold!

Love, Yara


Sleek Blush – Rose Gold

Thé dupe under all dupes of expensive products. Sleek Blush in Rose gold. A gorgeous warm pink blush with a golden undertone.


The packaging is simple. Matt black with shining black letters. The box is a perfect size to hold in your hand.


The ingredients. Pretty basic if you ask me. But what I also see on the list is: Dimethicone. What that means? Silicones. An ingredient that makes the product last longer but it can also block your pores if you are susceptible for it. So watch out if you are susceptible for it. Don’t use it everyday and if you use it, know the consequences off the product.

Fits perfectly in my hand.


The colour, the golden sparkle, the black complementing the blush. It is just gorgeous.


One swipe from the blush directly on my arm. The pigment is good. It fades really well into my skin and leaves a little bit of a gold sparkle.


Here you can see a better swatch. The pigment really pops here and if you look a bit better you can definitely see the gold sparkle.



And here you can see the product on my face. You need to be careful with loading up your brush. The pigment is really strong and if you don’t watch out. You will look like a doll.


The blush is very pretty. The pigment is amazing. The golden sparkle is to die for. Beautiful blush for a good price.
You can buy the blush online at SleekMakeUp.com. The blush on the Sleek website is €5,49/£4,49/$6,99 excl. Tax.

Love, Yara

My Birthday!

Good Evening,

Today is November the 3rd. [duh!] And that means… IT IS MY BIRTHDAY! Yes! Today I am officially a grown up. I am twenteen now.

I feel old. Do I have wrinkles already? Do I need to call the retiring house? Or can I wait another year?

Foto op 03-11-14 om 17.47

All jokes aside. I hope you all had a fantastic day. And I’ll talk you lot later this week.

Love, Yara


Hello and welcome on my blog. My name is Yara and I am twenteen years old. And no that was not an autocorrect.

From today I am going to start blogging. On my blog you can find fashion, beauty and lifestyle related blog posts and reviews. In the near future I want to start vlogging but that is coming soon.

Let’s get started shall we?

Love, Yara.